1. Not a bad modus operandi.

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    heavy-as-hell ceramic tea pot, yerba mate, honey from down the road, lazy afternoons, youtube belly-dancing videos (hello awkward elbows and ribcage, fancy meeting you here), the sound of the swishing washing machine + beats antique mingling in the middle, and the thought of yoga soon. Happiness is.

    Happiness is, sunshine ^_^

    Happiness is, friends. :)

    Happiness is, friends that are family ^_^

    unabashedly sharing happiness on Tumblr!

    Spreading love ^_^ Hugs.

    I found the happiest post on tumblr!


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    good vibes friday

    Word is born ~

  4. We all need these once and again. And share ‘em when you got ‘em too.

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  5. Feelin’ It

    I’m feelin’ it today! I wanted to share in hopes that perhaps some of my excess positivity could be contagious…hopefully it doesn’t have the opposite effect and make you angry at me!

    In any case, I could be in a much different state of mind right now. Tues-Thurs were huge days at work, and my bike was broken down as of last night. But work, though difficult, was smooth, and I ate the damn frog and went to the bike place right when it opened. Luckily they said they could fix it within a half hour, so I was rocking. Then I made a few work calls while they were fixing it, hopped on, went to work, and here I am while eating lunch. The sun is frickin shinging today too which, in Oregon this time of year, is like reason for a holiday. I am meeting up with some family this evening which I was initially feeling too overwhelmed for but which I told myself, “Waylon, dude, it’s cool.” And then my perspective changed on that. Looking forward to it now!

    And my afternoon is super chill, just tying up the loose ends of the week. I love these moments - the convergence. The falling into place.

    I sincerely wish this for all of you too: 

    ((☑+♫) * ☼)^

  6. I have a temporary excess and wanted to share 

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