1. Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza With Tofu Blue Cheese Spread, meet the People of Tumblr. People of Tumblr, meet Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza With Tofu Blue Cheese Spread.

    This turned out really good, and was not super difficult to make. I’d say moderate. Check out the recipe.

  2. My brain isn’t really working right for blogging with wordy-words today. So my contribution is the universal language of food porn.

  3. Vegan food porn comin’ ‘atcha! I made these bad boys tonight. The recipe is pretty easy. I just had one of them and it was really nom.

    I really think it would be in your best interest to try this. 

  4. Here is today’s installment of vegan food porn. It’s a curried chickpea salad and the recipe is pretty simple. I added red chard and stalks to give it more color. It turned out really good!

  5. Do yourself a favor and make this. Every bite is like a taste bud group hug.

  6. Pro Tip: if the question pops into your mind, “Should I make vegan peanut butter cookies?” Always answer yes.

    ze recipe

  7. The fruit of tonight’s labors — vegan Laksa. The recipe comes off like it’s going to be complicated, but it’s really not bad. And how I roll is that if I have broccoli and it calls for bok choi, c’est la vie.

  8. Tonight I made “Cheesy” Tomato Mac N Cheese. It was my first time doing a real-deal cashew cheese. It was surprising how easy it was! I found the soaking process cathartic. When you first put them in water, it gets all gross looking. Then you rinse. Then you soak. Then you rinse, then you soak. And each time they get softer and cleaner until they are ready.

    A few mods of the recipe: I didn’t use “ghee” or “herbamare”. I just used nutritional yeast and vegan butter. I also used rainbow chard instead of spinach, but really as long as it’s a green it will work!

    Overall this is a simple recipe and it tastes really good!

  9. What started out, “I’ll throw some tofurkey Italian sausage on some bread with vegenaise” turned into something worth sharing!

  10. Vegan lasagna is kind of my happy place.