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    What an absolutely splendid way to usher out the day, thanks to explore-blog:

    This is amazing: A mesmerizing Beach Boys vocals inspired by the physics of church bells from Alexander Chen, who wrote code to draw a circle for each note of the song using a mathematical relationship between a the circumference of a circular surface and pitch. A fine addition to these synesthetic visualizations of music.

    ~Trent Gilliss, senior editor

    (Beach Boys) + (Mathematics) = (pure awesome)

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  4. Apparently this is the method of multiplication used in Japan. I just discovered it tonight. I’m not sure if it’s really faster or more effective for bigger numbers, but I love how visual it is and how it breaks a complex problem into simpler parts.

  5. The mathematics of emotion

    I find myself in such a bad place at times, and I try to trace it back. Why did the sand slip away beneath me? My garden becomes a graveyard and though I know the world is skewed there is nothing I can do to change it. 

    Except wait. In time the spring flowers bloom and I feel that familiar warmth. The pain of existence recedes and I regain access to love. Like a moth to flame I circle the light, giving myself over to it. 

    I cry because the light is still shining. I cry because it’s so beautiful.

    I try to remember the dark, but it fades in time. And like most history, it eventually repeats.

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  6. I’m a sucker for left-brain-right-brain-spacey-mathy illustrations.

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  8. Daily Ponder 10/30: Mathematics

    I am not a mathematician, but I am a mathematics enthusiast. Most things in life seem sort of rough-edged and chaotic. I just find it interesting that within this chaos nature holds these ultra-pure principles that we can intellectualize and build upon and construct crazy theories out of!

    I’m not sure what part to be most surprised about. It is crazy enough that nature adheres to these mathematical and physical laws. All of these complex things happening, but happening according to a structured method. 

    Or is it more unexpected that there would be beings studying this structure? First, the very fact that there is life at all is pretty awesome. But then even accepting that, I don’t think lizards understand calculus. Humans came about in this seemingly random way, and here we are distilling the underlying principles of the reality we are contained in.

    This is all very surprising!


  9. Multidimensional Ethics

    Most of my good/crazy thoughts happen when I am either biking or showering or talking with friends. This one occurred while I was pedaling home from work yesterday, but was an extension of a conversation I had with a friend…unfortunately I can’t tie showering into this :)

    The idea is to compare 2 situations from 3 different dimensions, and just see what comes out of it. It is basically an exercise in ethical analysis and a way to stretch your default perception.

    2 possible situations are:

    1. Intentionally setting fire to someone’s house and burning it down.
    2. Driving a car, releasing CO2 into the air, raising the temperature of the earth, causing the sea levels to rise, thus causing a small island to flood, destroying a house (let’s pretend it’s just one house)

    3 dimensions we can use to analyze the 2 situations:

    1. Societal Norms (how would society view it?)
    2. Impact on the Individual (i.e. the person who owns the house)
    3. Purely Physics

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