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  2. Sprawling On the Internet

    I was talking to a friend today about spending time on the internet. There are times when I am good and I’m in and out, do what I gotta do and then bounce. But other times I just click this, go back to that, check this other thing, and then repeat the whole process. It feels good in the moment — you get that feeling of *something new* it’s like a bump from a drug. But you add up all of those moments and you realize you didn’t do dishes…or, in my case, I just feel kind of wired and spiritually adrift.

    I love the internet, but let’s face it, it isn’t the highest quality time from a life/mindfulness perspective. Or, put differently, the law of diminishing returns comes into play if you stay on it too long. It got me thinking: how can I enjoy the good parts of the internet, but then also turn it off and not get sucked into it? 

    One answer came to me when I realized that there is a definite value to quality time — whether that be meditating, playing with your kids, or working on your next novel. The value of time > = the value of money. Doing that conversion it brings to mind the kiosks at Fedex/Kinkos. You put in your credit card, and then every minute that goes by your tab increases.

    When I am at one of those kiosks I am like an efficiency machine. I try to make every click count, do what I need to do and the log the fuck out! So what I am going to try is to treat my time on the internet like that. Since each moment is valuable, in a theoretical way it is like there really is that tab, adding up the moments.