1. I like my chili like I like my women: colorful, spicy, and full of veggies.

  2. I made a pyramid of fried seitan this evening. Check out the recipe. It’s a lot of spices, but my oh my the end result is awesome. Feel free to leave out the spring roll wrappers, as they are just fine without them. 

  3. Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza With Tofu Blue Cheese Spread, meet the People of Tumblr. People of Tumblr, meet Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza With Tofu Blue Cheese Spread.

    This turned out really good, and was not super difficult to make. I’d say moderate. Check out the recipe.


  4. Here are a few more punky vegan animal exploitation cliche remixes. Some real factory farmed, inhumanely slaughtered, chicken soup for the soul…

    “That was the straw you so dickishly placed on the already obviously overburdened camel, thus breaking the poor animal’s back.”

    “Don’t move my cheese! Because you already exploited the cow to get the milk for the cheese, so it’s kind of adding insult to injury to be quite honest!”

    “Shooting innocent fish while they’re swimming around, minding their own business, is fine—but it just seems too simple to do when they’re in a barrel.”

    Can’t promise I’m done, but I’m done for now!

  5. My brain isn’t really working right for blogging with wordy-words today. So my contribution is the universal language of food porn.

  6. Vegan food porn comin’ ‘atcha! I made these bad boys tonight. The recipe is pretty easy. I just had one of them and it was really nom.

    I really think it would be in your best interest to try this. 

  7. Here is today’s installment of vegan food porn. It’s a curried chickpea salad and the recipe is pretty simple. I added red chard and stalks to give it more color. It turned out really good!

  8. Do yourself a favor and make this. Every bite is like a taste bud group hug.

  9. Pro Tip: if the question pops into your mind, “Should I make vegan peanut butter cookies?” Always answer yes.

    ze recipe

  10. I made this vegan cannellini bean “meatballs” with red sauce dish tonight. I like how deep and dark the red sauce is. The recipe, as is, has egg in it — so I subbed egg replacer and the “meatballs” held together just fine. I also added kale to the red sauce to make it more hardy. It turned out nice!

    Now onto tonight’s main activities: drinking red wine and watching Black Books.